Handbook for Policy Planners


What is the Handbook about?

By publishing this document, our aim is to assist policy planners and other target groups on how to use and interpret the Territorial Attractiveness data and indicators for better planning of future developments and for responding to societal challenges in their countries and regions.

The Handbook encompasses guidance for the Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform: how to’s on reading, understanding and operating with the platform for various purposes, which will be useful for ensuring a sound basis in the process of Capacity Building which will take place in each of the 11 partner countries.

Our scope is to deliver a publication which is beyond a user manual, providing the contribution of partners towards embedding the term „Territorial Attractiveness” and the outputs of ATTRACTIVE DANUBE in the practices of stakeholders.


Download the Handbook in English


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Territorial attractiveness atlas of the Danube Region


Maps of Common territorial attractiveness indicators data at Danube scale. 

Comprehensive collection of transnational maps at Danube Region scale, elaborated with the representation of the core indicators of the common dataset,
over a time series of years.


Download the Atlas  in English