ISTER - ConnectIng hiSTorical Danube rEgions Roman routes

Acronym ISTER
Priority Environment and culture responsible Danube region
Specific Objective  Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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Lead Partner

Call 3


National Museum for the History of Transylvania, Romania

 Project Partners

  •  URBASOFIA SRL, Romania
  • Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania
  • Bulgaria Economic Forum, Bulgaria
  • DDTG Danube Development Transnational Group nonprofit limited liability company, Hungary
  • Municipality of Town Veszprém with County Rank, Hungary
  • Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Scienific Reserch Centre Bistra Ptuj, Slovenia
  • Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • MINDS & SPARKS GmbH, Austria
  • Regional Planning Authority of Ostwuerttemberg, Germany
  • – Network for Towns and Regions, Germany
  • Roman City Carnuntum/ Archaeological Park Carnuntum, Austria
  • Town Museum of Paks, Hungary
  • Regional Agency for Development and European Integration Belgrade, Serbia
  • Public institution development agency of the Una-Sana Canton, Bosna & Herzegovina
Budget in Euro  
Overall: 2 067 958.95
ERDF Contribution: 1 663 585.1
IPA Contribution:  94 180
Project Duration 01-07-2020 - 31-12-2022


ISTER project firstly addresses the challenge of Roman heritage discontinuity, which reflects both in a territorial dimension related to a low level of investment and connection between heritage resources and local/ regional productive sectors, as well as in visualisation and attractiveness dimensions regarding the promotion and awareness raising on the importance of heritage resources as drivers for regional development. Stepping further the isolated/ detached Roman settlements heritage, ISTER tackles the territorial dimension of the Roman Routes, as a contiguous transnational element that passes DR states’ borders and provides a relevant scale for exchange and joint development. Therefore, ISTER’s main objective focuses on rediscovering and revitalizing the ancient Roman Roads Network along the DR as a key driver in promoting territorial development based on sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage (specifically, Roman routes). ISTER promotes this Roman roads and settlements network as a catalyst for touristic development, as well as an opportunity for territorial competitiveness and sustainable growth of Danube crossed-regions. To increase local attractiveness, ISTER is leveraging on three key assets:

1. Adopting a multi-layered governance chain aimed at strengthening knowledge framework and institutional capacities of DR actors through capacity building and collective knowledge mapping;

2. Using advanced tools and technologies for enhancing non-physical accessibility, visibility and valorisation of Roman routes and settlements network, laying the foundation for a thematic cultural route based on Roman heritage with a narrative function, reviving ancient assets and promoting non-renewable and fragile, but yet unexplored and unexploited Roman legacy;

3. Acquiring the shift from old policy approaches (protection through isolation) to new, integrative methods for improving the policy and regulatory framework in Danube crossed-regions.


Twitter: @InterregISTER



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