Balkan Trade Bridge 2015

18 - 19 June 2015

Kempinski Hotel Sofia

For Suppliers


Benefits for suppliers.  

-  Prior to the event you will know with whom you'll meet.
-  Buyers are the decision-makers within their organizations.
-  They all have current or future projects.
-  They requested exact products and services they would like to buy.
-  You can choose which one you want to meet.
-  Networking coctail and business lunch, so you can get to know your key people and decision makers.
-  You can spent quality time with your potential client during the pre-arranged meeting.
-  Competition is limited during the time and number limitation of the meetings.


Time optimization.

BALKAN TRADE BRIDGE 2015 provides you with a huge competitive advantage, since you will know who is going to participate, what he/she wants to buy and furthermore you are able to choose whom you want to meet, which maximazes your opportunities. 

If you want to organize this meetings by yourself, normally you will have to invest considerable amount of time, money and efforts. However, BALKAN TRADE BRIDGE 2015 brings them together under one roof, so that you can negotiate at much lower cost than what would be necessary in order to meet with all of them.

And this is not everything, during the programme of the Southeast European Economic Forum you will have an access to the insights from the highest-level representatives of the leading governmental, financial and corporate institutions from Southeast Europe.








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