Smart Rural Entrepreneurship :: Project News


Bulgaria Economic Forum has launched the implementation of the three pilot applications of the SmartRural business model


 The implementation started with a Preparatory Plan whose purpose was to provide information on the implementation of the pilot activities in their various phases, in accordance with the needs of the participants. It was developed in three parts - Analysis and goal setting, Phases of implementation of the pilot activities and Schedule for implementation.


A methodology for selection of participants was developed where the contribution of the selection methodology, its objectives, the methodological framework and the expected results were described. The document contains the criteria for eligibility and evaluation of candidates, application form, evaluation matrix based on completed application forms, evaluation matrix through interview, format of the long and final list of selected candidates.


A dedicated landing page was developed for more successful online attraction of candidates with the possibility for automatic data collection from those wishing to participate in the pilots. The total number of completed application forms was 15. Among them, three candidates were selected.

The pilot applications were implemented in several stages:

  • Providing a package for training and introduction to the electronic platform of the project;
  • Conducting individual consultations based on the specific business idea / business activity that the participant develops;
  • Providing a personalized card with expert guidelines and recommendations for action to each participant.





In connection with the COVID-19, the consultations were carried out online via the Skype platform. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the received expert services and training materials and their readiness for future cooperation




SmartRural Workshops




On September 24 and 25 at the foot of the Pirin and Rila Mountains amid two lockdowns Bulgaria Economic Forum held SmartRural Workshops on "Entrepreneurship in rural areas".

During the first part were presented topics relevant to rural areas in the EU such as "The impact of globalization on rural SMEs in Europe", "Contemporary EU and Bulgaria's rural development policies", "New technologies and innovations - how to take advantage of rural business development?" and how the SmartRural project can contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Bulgarian villages.


The second part was more practical and was dedicated to new business models and tools. Participants were tasked with developing their canvas of a business model and a value proposition. The workshop ended surrounded by nature with practical tasks for teamwork. This unexpected end of the training day brought a lot of smiles and positive mood to those present.