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The second Project partner meeting of Balkan-Med project: “Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship– i3” took place on 1 March 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. The meeting was organised and hosted by Cyprus International Institute of Management – the Cypriot partner in i3.




 The aim of the project is to develop, establish and promote entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer model for educating students and entrepreneurs. The i3 model will serve as a beacon for smart and sustainable growth. The project has three main phases of implementation (research & analysis, model creation, and training workshops) in five countries through five themes, as follows: Albania: environment, Bulgaria: lifestyle, Cyprus: energy, FYROM: IT, and Greece: technology.


During the meeting, all partners had the opportunity to present updates of their activities of the project so far, and plan further their forthcoming responsibilities in relation to the budget and the timeline. The project has already advanced well, after the “project launch” press conferences in the five countries, the research and analysis phase has been completed. Now the i3 model creation is in prgress.


Following the fruitful partnership meeting, the representatives were welcomed to a traditional Cypriot tavern, where they all shared a good time, with positive outlook for the future of the project.