ATTRACTIVE DANUBE :: First National Workshop



The First National Workshop for establishing N-TAMP in Bulgaria was held in Sofia on 29 June 2017 in Sofia Hotel Balkan. Ministries, National and Regional Agencies, Regional and Local Public Authorities, University of National and World Economy, representatives of business and NGOs, attended the workshop. Bulgaria Economic Forum expressed its gratitude to the Minister of Environment and Water, Mr. Neno Dimov, who honored with his attendance the workshop and welcomed the participants.


The purpose of the first workshop was to get feedback from stakeholders which common TA indicators and national TA indicators support development and monitoring of the public policies in their field and scope of work.

The participants exchanged their points of view into the working groups formed during the second part of the workshop, showed high interest in the whole exercise and will consider new TA indicators until the time of the second workshop.


You can download the presentations from the links below:


Overall Project Presentation


Territorial Attractiveness Presentation


Indicators for Territorial Attractiveness