Adriatic–Danubian Clustering (ADC) Project

The ADC project is an excellent example of mobilising public support for entrepreneurial cooperation in the strategic productive sectors of South East Europe.

ADC objective is to go beyond the existing similar productive specialisation among companies in the Adriatic–Danubian area  and to strengthen the territorial marketing of the Adriatic – Danubian compound in the global economy by realizing more of its productive skills through the establishment of sectoral cluster networks, suitable to enhance the effective integration of the more competitive transnational value chains and to reduce regional disparities, also by fostering the attractiveness of the area for FDI. Furthermore, the aim of the project is to enhance the knowledge on the potential for cross-border cooperation and to promote it, granting greater visibility of the SMEs in the region.

For the achievement of the envisaged objectives and results ADC undertakes and implements the following:
   - identification of strategic transnational value chains as backbones of growth & attractiveness;
   - capitalisation of productive complementarities of existing and emerging clusters;
   - better horizontal ties among companies of the Adriatic – Danubian compound;
   - new dynamic partnership among territorial actors dealing with clusters development;
   - improved business environment through innovative ICT (Digital Business Ecosystem);
   - capacity building of territorial marketing for the attractiveness of Adriatic - Danubian compound;
   -stimulation of policy innovation, vertical inter-companies relationship, higher visibility & accessibility of Local Productive Systems and further regional growth.

Project Duration:  1 June 2009 - 31 March 2012.